Ratna Srinivasan


Ratna J is a seasoned professional with a strong academic background and an extensive career in education. With qualifications including an MA, B. Ed., and M.Phil. in Economics, her expertise spans across multiple domains.

With an impressive tenure of 33 years, Ratna J has been actively involved in the field of Economics. Her depth of knowledge and experience in this subject area has contributed to her reputation as a respected educator.

Her teaching journey extends beyond Economics, as she has also made a significant impact in the field of Chartered Accountancy education. With 18 years of experience teaching CA Foundation students and 2 years teaching CA Inter students, she has been instrumental in guiding aspiring accountants on their educational journey.

In recognition of her capabilities, Ratna J served as a Proctor at Vincennes University in the USA in 2006, demonstrating her global perspective and commitment to academic excellence. Additionally, she contributed as an Associate Writer at MBD Publications in 2007, showcasing her prowess in educational content creation.

Ratna J’s profile is a testament to her dedication to education, her expertise in Economics and Chartered Accountancy, and her remarkable contributions to the field. Her extensive experience and diverse achievements have undoubtedly made a positive impact on students and the educational community as a whole.